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Full-time or part-time youth minister - Danville Chinese Bible Church (Danville, California)

Danville Chinese Bible Church (Danville, California) is seeking a full-time or part-time youth minister. The church branched out from Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church in January 2001, and is now an independent church with approximately 50 adult members and 15 youths.

1. A distinct calling from God to serve in Youth Ministry
2. Passion to serve in Youth Ministry
3. Ability to relate to the youth
4. Seminary training
5. Enjoys preaching and teaching to the youth
6. Ability to communicate with youth parents
7. Spiritual maturity
8. Bilingual ability (English/Chinese, preferred, not required)
9. Loves sports (preferred, not required)

General Activities
1. Sunday sermon
2. Friday night bible study or fun night
3. Sunday school
4. Annual youth retreat
5. Annual church family retreat with youth programs
6. Visitation
7. Program planning with counselors
8. Discipleship training for youth core group ˇ§Faith Buildersˇ¨
9. Provide spiritual guidance to the worship team
10. Develop young adult fellowship program and the ministry for the English speaking congregation

Qualified applicants must include:
(1) Resume
(2) Testimony
(3) Reference List

Send resume to: Pastor Jack Cheng
Email: pastorjackcheng@yahoo.com
Phone: (925) 381-1299

Date posted: Feb 11, 2003

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