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Associate Pastor Search, Chinese Community Church of Indianapolis

The Associate Pastor is called by the congregation in accordance with the provision of the Constitution and the By-laws of CCCI. The Associate Pastor relieves the Pastor on the day to day work load and thereby enable him to spend more time in sermon preparation, personal visitation and evangelism.

General Requirements

  • Seminary graduate or currently pursuing a seminary education
  • Pastoral experience in North America
  • Main responsibilities are Caring, Visitation and Campus Ministry
  • Accept the statement of faith, constitution and By-laws of CCCI
  • Inclusive language skills (Mandarin and English required; understand Cantonese and/or Taiwanese a plus)
  • Married

    Primary Functions and Duties
    Assist the Pastor, as directed, in the performance of his ongoing ministerial duties. Oversee the church-wide visitation emphasis of prospects and members and assist in carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Perform other tasks as mandated by the Bible and as needed by the church, which specifically fall in the area of the Pastoral.

    This position will report directly to the senior pastor with a formal evaluation twice a year.

    Salary and Benefits
    A full-time position, salary based and adjusted by the candidate's experience in pasturing church, plus fringes and benefits.

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    Additional Information http://www.indychinesechurch.org/Associatepastorsearch.html

    Date posted: July 7, 2004

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