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Pastor of Chinese Ministries, CHELTEN BAPTIST CHURCH

Chelten Baptist Church (CBC), with over 100 years of history, total congregation over 500 with a >100 Chinese ministry, located in the suburban area of Philadelphia, PA, is actively seeking a fulltim pastor for the Chinese ministry. Please find the detail position description in the attached files. Interested personals please contact:

Pastor Andrew Hudson
Chelten Baptist Church
1601 Limekiln Pike
Dresher, PA 19025

Tel: 215-646-5557
Fax: 215-646-4656
email: chelten_pastor@snip.net

Position Description

Position Title: Pastor of Chinese Ministries
Reports to: Pastor of Church Ministries
Salary Classification: Full time/Benefits
Basic Purpose: The focus of the Pastor of Chinese Ministries is to work with the church leadership and the Pastor of Church Ministries in leading the Chinese Ministry of Chelten towards the goal of achieving the church vision.
Scope and Accountability: The Pastor of Chinese Ministries will report to the Pastor of Church Ministries and seek input and counsel from the Pastoral Staff and Elder Board.
Principal Job Activities: Areas of Ministry may include, but are not limited to:
  1. Teaching and Preaching: Sunday Morning Services, Small Group Bible studies and Sunday School.
  2. Visitation: hospital and home in time of need.
  3. Pastoral Care: counseling and response to special needs.
  4. Wednesday Evenings: Prayer Meeting.
  5. Communication: with Chinese Leadership and Pastor of Church Ministries to review vision, planning and special needs.
  6. Meeting: weekly with the Pastor of Church Ministries for discipleship and growth.
  7. Report: to the Elder Board at monthly meetings with an update on the Chinese Congregation.
  8. Liaison: with staff every Wednesday at staff meeting.
  9. Outreach: plan for and organize Chinese Outreach events with Chinese leadership and follow-up new believers.
  10. Administrative: office time for planning and preparation for Sunday Services, special events, outreach and follow up.
Qualifications: The Pastor of Chinese Ministries must:
  1. Be faithful to the Word of God and to its teaching, showing evidences of effective application in his life.
  2. Subscribe to the Statement of Faith of Chelten Baptist Church.
  3. Have a deep understanding of the Word of God based on current, active study and reading.
  4. Be driven by a passionate love of Scripture so there is enthusiasm for its study.
  5. Be committed to personal prayer; understand the power of prayer.
  6. Be capable of modeling healthy relationships.
  7. Have excellent communications skills, both written and oral in English and Mandarin.
  8. Be effective communicating to groups and individuals.
  9. Be a graduate of Bible college and/or seminary.
  10. Meet the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  11. Be teachable.
  12. Be a team player.
  13. Be able to model a life of integrity and godly living.
  14. Be passionate in sharing the Gospel with the Chinese.



職位: 中文事工部牧師
述職於: 全教會事工部牧師
薪階: 全職/福利
基本目的: 中文事工部牧師的焦點是與教會的領導層和全教會事工部牧師一起帶領喬爾頓教會的中文事工邁向達成教會異象的目標。
範圍和責任: 中文事工部的牧師要向全教會事工的牧師彙報,並從教牧人員和長老團尋求建議和要求。
主要工作活動: 事工範圍包括,但不局限於如下方面:
  1. 教導和講道:主日崇拜,小組查經,以及主日學。
  2. 探訪:需要時,家庭和醫院探訪。
  3. 教牧關懷:對特殊需要的輔導和回應。
  4. 週三晚:禱告會。
  5. 溝通:與中文部領導層、全教會牧師一起策劃異象,計畫和特殊需要。
  6. 特別聚會:每週一次與全教會牧師一起,尋求得著門徒訓練和長進。
  7. 彙報:每月一次在與長老團的會議中彙報中文堂的情況。
  8. 聯絡:每週三同工會。
  9. 佈道:與中文部領導層一起策劃和組織中文佈道,並新信徒的跟進事工。
  10. 管理:有足夠的辦工時間以策劃和準備主日崇拜,特別營會,佈道事工,以及跟進工作等等。
資格條件: 中文事工部的牧師必須滿足以下條件:
  1. 忠心於神的話語和及其教導,並有有效應用之的跡象。
  2. 認同喬爾頓浸信會的信仰宣告。
  3. 在持續、積極研讀的基礎之上,對神的話語有深入瞭解。
  4. 熱愛聖經,因此願意深入研讀之。
  5. 委身於個人禱告;明白禱告的力量。
  6. 能夠建立健康的人際關係。
  7. 有優異的中、英文在讀、寫兩方面的溝通技巧。
  8. 有有效的針對群體和個人的溝通技巧。
  9. 聖經大學和/或神學院畢業。
  10. 滿足提前3:1-7的要求。
  11. 有受教的心。
  12. 有團隊精神。
  13. 能建立整全和敬虔的生活。
  14. 有強烈的負擔向中國人傳福音。
Date posted: July 15, 2003

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