Director of English Ministry

South Bay Chinese Gospel Church (SBCGC) in Fremont, California seeks a full-time English speaking Director to establish new ministries for families, adults, and youth. SBCGC is a local church with a congregation that averages 100 to 120 in attendance of all ages in small groups. We conduct our ministries in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English.

The expansion of this new English ministry is to help renew and transform SBCGC into a growing and vital local community church.

The ideal candidate must be a reborn Christian with a clear conviction to be a full-time servant of God. 

The interested applicant must have:

-   Experience and passion for working effectively with various English speaking groups in diverse cultures

-   Ability to preach and communicate effectively

-   At lease a BA degree in religious studies or equivalent.  

-   Two years of formal pastoral experience.

-   Commitment to implement SBCGC’s mission statement (

The Director of English Ministry will:

-   Develop relationships and conduct needs assessment with existing youth, adults and families

-   Preach and teach faithfully the Bible truth, coordinate worships and other congregational life activities

-   Develop a strategy and programs for reaching unchurched people, including but not limited to the Chinese American community and the SBCGC neighborhood

-   Be heavily involved in outreach, follow-up of new comers and providing pastoral visitations

A qualified candidate who is interested in the position, please send us your resume, your personal faith statement, and 2-3 professional references to: or mail to

Resumes, SBCGC, 3360 Seldon Court Fremont, CA 94539