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* Tips: With X-window/Window 3.1/Window 95 version of netscape, hold down shift key and click on the Download link. Under Macintosh, use option key instead of shift key.

CCIM Utiltiy software

  • Convert Chinese Characters into small Chinese Transparent GIF on Unix
    README of chinese2gif A UNIX-Web package developed by the co-workers of CCIM. Download chinese2gif.tar.gz (117k)

Bible study software

  • Jerry Chu's Chinese PC Bible
    • For Windows 3.x - Chinese Bible text, view/search tool. download
    • For DOS - Chinese Bible text, view/search tool. download
    • King James add-on - download
  • Abstract of Btool version 1.3 for DOS and Chinese BIG5 system. Download
    • filename: btool.doc
    • requires: DOS Chinese BIG5 system if Chinese display is selected.
  • SBBL Another chinese bible study software by Ching-liang Liang, Download
    • Rename to sbbl.exe
    • SBBL.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file.
    • After copying the file to an empty directory, run the file to extract all the ZIPped files. Then run the setup program to set up the BIBLE program.
    • Please read the README.WRI first before running the program.
  • MAIN a church database management package for DOS. Download

Chinese software for Internet

Windows 3.1, Windows 95
* Twinbridge Demo
* Unionway Demo
Just for WWW Chinese Display "Cwebview "-
Enable Windows 16-bit web browsers to display Chinese(GB/Big-5) in
Win3.1, Win95 & Win NT. Download
For instructions click here .
X window
Another document about displaying multi-languages on Mosaic for X Window using Mosaic-L10N.

Read Chinese in the Net Applications.
A useful step-by-step instruction: Chinese (Big5) Computing Environmentfor Web.
Chinese Software Primer from
Big5 FAQ (slow)