Gospel, Computer and Chinese

                                   Andy Su 
The Computer technology has recently grown from its 
infancy, the simple word processor to become a mass 
multi-media giant. Merging with television, telephone 
and motion-pictures, the computer has invaded almost 
every aspect of our lives beyond our imagination. 
In the light of the present computer technology, what is 
the Lordís will for the great commission - preaching 
the gospel to all the world, especially for the 1.3 billion 
Chinese people ? 
The following is what the Lord has revealed to us about 
'Chinese Christian Computing' development. We ask 
you to join us in prayer and also, Lord willing, to be on 
the support team. 
1. The Electronic Missionary :  
		Proclaim the Gospel to 1.3 billion Chinese 
After the door to Russia was opened, worker of Campus 
Crusade International were astounded to find the 
tremendous thirst and hunger for the Gospel among the 
Russian people. Even if they were to send thousands of 
missionaries over, it still would not fill the enormous 
spiritual hunger of the millions of Russian people; 
therefore, they began to think to preach the gospel in 
the electronic way. First of all, they plan to create an 
interactive discipleship training CD-ROM to fill the need 
of a teacher shortage. By setting up thousands of PC all 
over Russia, these could be the interactive training 
centers for many churches and gospel teams. 
Instructors could come to many churches from time to 
time to answer and improve the results of CDROM. 
Secondly, by setting up a Christian Seminary Center in 
Internet, students could have access to Christian 
resources at home or at church or anywhere network 
available. By using E-mail, students could contact the 
teacher directly and promptly. Also electronic Christian 
conferences are possible on-line at presumed schedule. 
What has happened in Russia will happen in China 
when the gospel door is flung open. Yes, we will need 
millions of missionaries to China for the 1.3 billion 
Chinese souls. 
We will also need professionals to provide the 
electronic Chinese Christian resources to reach every 
family in China through television and computer 
The Lord is already  preparing  the groundwork for the 
telecommunication environment in China. Before the 
year 2000, China will have one of the  biggest  advanced 
telecommunication facilities in the world.   
Once the gospel door of China is totally opened, what 
can we provide to satisfy the spiritual hunger of  the 1.3 
billion  Chinese souls?  
The Chinese Buddhist media has already surpassed 
Chinese Christian Media. In Taiwan, there are several 
Buddhist Cable TV in operation.  If we do not have this  
media vision of reaching every family in China, the 
Buddhist will undoubtedly utilize their Buddhist 
resources into television and Computer media to reach 
In light of this eventuality, what action is the Lordís will 
for us  to take ? 
2. Professional Dedication  : Give your utmost  to be 
an electronic witness for the worldís largest unborn 
Forty years ago when the Far East Radio Broadcasting  
ministry set up their powerful transmitter stations in 
Asia, many Christian professionals, such as electronic 
engineers, civil engineers and other engineers came 
from different nations. They teamed together to set up 
the first radio station beamed to China.  
Now forty years later,  the Chinese Christians have 
grown to  around sixty millions, the second largest 
Christian population in the world. However, there are 
still 1.2 billion Chinese lost souls .  
With the computer technology merging with television, 
we will have better chance than ever to impact the 
largest unborn population with the great commission. 
We can be electronic witnesses for the Chinese. 
Many souls has been converted through a single tract or 
one book or one clip of Jesus video. More souls could 
be converted through one verse in bible software or one 
witness in multimedia CD or one single answer from 
Internet E-mail.  
The Lord can use any form of gospel media, from the 
written paper to any electronic resources to accomplish 
his work of salvation. 
However, for this to happen requires your spiritual and 
professional dedication before many souls receive the 
witness and be blessed. The Lord does not call every 
Christian to be a preacher, but if you are a professional, 
he need your professional skill. Is he calling  you ? Will 
you follow him in this electronic vision ? We are praying 
for you ! 
3. Pre-evangelism : Chinese Computer Classes 
	-- opening to door to the Gospel message 
As the computer technology becomes more and more 
advanced, there is a growing sense of isolation and fear. 
The computer has created even a greater generation 
Tien Dao Christian Media has opened two Chinese 
computer classes. Many students admit that their 
motive for learning the computer skill is to conquer the 
isolation its fear. Another motive is to use the  computer 
to achieve their own goals. This is one of the greatest 
opportunities for pre-evangelism.  
In our classes, we use the gospel videos, personal 
testimonies of Christian speakers, tutors and students 
to teach. This gives a good gospel background for 
prayer and fellowship. In this way, the non-believer 
receives a vivid impression of what is a Christian and 
what is the Christian Spirit. Through this understanding, 
they become more open to the gospel message. 
In Berkeley Christian Gospel Church, this kind of 
computer classes  have made contact with hundreds of  
friends from Mainland China. Through this opening, the 
soil was being prepared for the crusade to come. At 
Christmas 1993, forty people received Christ in the 
crusade . Praise the Lord ! 
4. Bible Study Software : 
	Delving into the treasures of Godís word 
The Computer Bible Software is the first merger 
between Gospel and computer. Tien Dao Christian 
Media have distributed 500 copies of Tien Dao Chinese 
Bible software  to Chinese churches and Chinese 
Christian all over the world. For the  many  Christian 
non-computer nerds, this has enabled them  to find the 
Chinese verses or search the Chinese bible 
words/phrase  and cut/paste the Chinese bible verses. 
Not only has this greatly enhanced their understanding 
of Chinese Bible , but it has saved a lot of data entry 
time for a more efficient ministry. More over, Chinese 
bible commentaries and maps can be link into the 
Chinese Bible verses for a more complete bible study.  
Even Chinese voice and Chinese video from Jesus 
video may be hyper-mediaed into the Chinese Bible 
verses. Jesus can come alive from computer as you 
study the Chinese Bible. You can  experience greater 
depth as you use these Chinese Christian resources.  
All of above  can be a great electronic missionary to any 
Chinese Christian or Chinese non-Christian . However 
we will need many Chinese Christians devoted to this 
vision and make it come true under the will of God.  
5. How to join this "Chinese Christian Computing" Ministry ? 
First, please pray for the volunteers and co-workers now 
at work as called by God. May His will be done on earth 
as in heaven. May His kingdom come through every 
electronic points. 
Second, share the vision with every Christian.  
Third, you are welcome to join our Computer for Christ 
fellowship. We have at present two teams : Software 
Engineer Group and Multimedia Group. We are about to 
set up three group : Computer network, Computer Class 
and Video for Christ. Every team is a realistic and solid 
project and they need your dedication and commitment.   
The above are just a little beginning of the Lordís 
Project and Vision. With your prayers and dedication, 
more and more of the vision will be revealed by the 
Lord. May the Lord Bless You as you join this ministry 
and proclaim His holy name to all the world. 

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