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The Institute of Chinese Studies is a research office with the goals of profiling unevangelized Chinese people groups worldwide, communicating a vision of these peoples to the Church by various means, and mobilizing forces to bring these groups the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The distinctive emphasis of ICS research is on forming strategy profiles of the world's unevangelized Chinese people groups. ICS has been building up its Chinese peoples resource center with data files on China's ethnic groups and Chinese people groups around the world. Occasional field research teams gather primary research data including video-films and slides. Our resource center's secondary research data include specialized books and a large collection of periodicals.

ICS development efforts are all aimed at communicating its people profiles to the Body of Christ. Because of the growing demand for data on Chinese people groups, ICS is constantly sharing from its extensive files articles and profiles on specific people groups.

ICS development efforts have also produced occasional prayer and research bulletins that project people profiles. Also, with the purpose of profiling Chinese peoples, ICS has developed some educational tools for adults and children. Most of ICS development efforts are now being spent to produce video documentaries of minority people groups who live in remote areas of China.

ICS is administered by a board of directors. It is a member organization of the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California. ICS was established in September, 1977 and is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of California. Staff structure is varied. Most of ICS staff have been on missionary support. ICS has also hired secretarial help when funds have been available. Volunteer staff with a rich variety of gifts and skills have made a major contribution to the total ministries of ICS.

ICS is constantly supplying upon request data about hidden people groups of China's remote areas. Write us for a profile of a specific group or let us know if you want to become acquainted with one or more of China's hidden peoples.

  1. Drawn to China
    32 pp activity book especially for American junior high age but useful for elementary and/or high school age too.
    Price: $ 3.00 + $ 1.00 Postage & Handling
  2. People Groups of Mainland China Wall Chart & Map
    Wall chart profiling with drawings and words the social- economic people groups of China. The map at the center depicts the population density of each region of China. This is intended as a supplement to the National Geographic July 1980 wall chart and map profiling the ethnic people groups of China.
    Price: $ 4.00 + $ 1.00 Postage & Handling

    Institute of Chinese Studies
    1605 Elizabeth Street
    Pasadena, CA 91104
    (818) 398-2320

  3. Scattered Sheep: The Minorities of S.W. China
    This documentary video series will take you right into the lives of some of China's unreached people groups. Sit in on a Shui funeral dance. Catch a dragon parade in Northern Yunnan. Visit a rural Dai Buddhist temple, a Dong covered bridge, or a carpet factory in Tibet's capital city.

    Each video is between 15 and 20 minutes long and identifies specific ways to pray for the minority people groups profiled. The series does not promote any missionary organizations, but rather is a mission resource for any group or any individual who wants to learn more about the unreached people groups in Southwest China.

         ICS001    Hidden Peoples of Guizhou
                   Shui & Bouyei peoples in Guizhou province
         ICS002    High Strongholds of Northern Yunnan
                   Bai, Naxi, Mosou, Pumi, & Lisu
                   peoples in Northern Yunnan province
         ICS003 From the Jungles of Southern Yunnan
                   Dai, Bulong, Hani, Lahu, Jingpo,
                   Jinuo, Kecong peoples in Southern
                   Yunnan province
         ICS004    Fascinating Craftsmen
                   Dong people in Guangxi province
         ICS005    On the Rooftop of the World
                   Tibetans and Qiang people in Tibet
                   and Sichuan province
         Price:    1 VHS video    US $ 17.00 Total
                   2 VHS videos   US $ 33.00 Total
                   3 VHS or more US $14.40 /video
                   + $ 1.00 handling per order and you
                   will be billed for actual shipping.
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    Order questions, call 818-798-0819


Summer 1995 Guided Research Program
     June 26 - July 21, 1995
     Pasadena, CA
     (Campus of US Center for World Mission)

     You may be preparing to answer God's call to minister to
     Chinese peoples, or waiting on Him to ascertain that His
     China call is really His will for your life. In either
     case, if you can take out a month to become more informed
     on China, you will be better prepared for your next step.
     ICS wants to help and guide you in those next steps.


Week 1    You'll broaden your current understanding of
          Chinese Geography and Peoples.
Week 2    You'll be guided in History and Culture
Week 3    Your research will concentrate on God's Church
          in the Communist state. 
Week 4    You will go further in your research on your
          favorite interest in China.

MENTORSHIP: In all 4 weeks, ICS will provide you access with
experienced mentors. This course is being conducted on an
independent study basis-with discussion sessions.

COST: (costs are approximate and subject to change)
Application Fee           20.00   Spouse tuition (c)      90.00
Audit                    300.00   Spouse (a)               FREE
Tuition (3 units c)      300.00   Books                   50.00
3 Chinese lunches                 Room & Board*          339.00
  (off campus)            20.00

(c) credit    (a) audit   * limited space, reserve early

CREDIT: Required readings and written or oral tests will be given to those
seeking credit at graduate or undergraduate levels (3 units